Cert issuer and cannot connect to Bitcoin Service Provider

Hi guys,

I am trying to run cert_issuer using the bitcoin testnet.

I edited conf_regtest with my testnet public key and have run the below command, however I get an error saying I cannot connect to the Bitcoin Service Provider? Any idea how I can fix this?


Run Cert_Issuer
python cert_issuer -c conf_regtest.ini

Connection Error
ImportError: cannot import name BitcoinServiceProviderConnector

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A solution that helped me get the cert-issuer to work were the below steps. I am a beginner in programming, so I am sure there is a better way to solve this, but this seemed to work.

Steps to Issue Certificates

  1. Make sure python3 is used
  2. Run pip3 install -r requirements.txt (I have to use pip3 as pip is for v2.7 on my machine)
  3. Copy issue_certificates.py and paste in the directory above. If I ran issue_certificates.py in the original location, I get the error ‘cannot import bitcoin.rpc’. Not sure why this is but this solution seems to help
  4. Get a bitcoin tesnet address from https://bitcoinpaperwallet.com/bitcoinpaperwallet/generate-wallet.html?design=alt-testnet . This will give you a public and a private key
  5. Get testnet coins from https://testnet.manu.backend.hamburg/faucet and send them to your public key (you need to wait for confirmations to go through to receive the funds, this took over an hour for me)
  6. Copy config_regtest.ini and rename it to config.ini. Add in the testnet bitcoin public address and use chain=bitcoin_testnet and change bitcoind=False
  7. Make a new file pk.txt and copy the private key directly into the file and edit the conf.ini file to contain
    key_file=pk.txt and usb_home =
  8. Copy some unsigned certificates into the director \data\unsigned_certificates
  9. Run ‘python3 issue_certificates.py’

Thanks for posting the resolution @jake666!
– Kim

Hi Jacke! And Kim!
I went through the Cert-Issuer tutorial, and I managed to issue certificates using the docker image in regtest.
But Im having a rough time starting with Testnet, do you have any suggestion?
Im thinking about following this tutorial, but I have a few questions:
3. What do you mean with “in the directory above” the python directory or the cert-issuer?
6. Copy the config_regtest.ini and paste it where?
7. Can I have the pk.txt in my hard drive or does it have to be in a USB drive always?
Thanks in advanced for all the help!

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