BitcoinCore conf file - Question


I’m trying to use Cert-Issuer in Testnet mode. I have my Testnet address with coins. I have my conf.ini file for Cert-issuer ready. Also, I’ve installed Bitcoin-Core, which automatically downloads the whole Blockchain in my computer (here comes the first question: is this needed ? ).

I thought this would be enough but then I’m having issues running the script.
It basically says I don’t have enough satoshis in my address, says that I have zero (which I don’t). Before that error, it throws another warning. First it said it didn’t find a bitcoin.conf. I created it. Then it said ‘Connection refused’. So I added a couple of things in my bitcoin.conf. Right now it looks like this:

rpcuser= <I totally invented this user. Don't know what to use here>
rpcpassword= <I totally invented this password. Don't know what to use here>

And now the warning is ‘method not found’.
Can someone tell me if I’m missing something in my bitcoin.conf ? Is there any other minimun requirement to run on Testnet mode?

Sorry I couldn’t add a screenshot with my error. I’ll update the post later


Can you post the whole error maybe pasting it in pastebin. The error could be from python, bitcoin or any other library so we are not sure which module is not found

Just a tip. You can use the docker image to use the testnet, it has all the module and configuration you need. I have tried using the non docker for mainnet but its not working (its looking for a different format for the roster), however using the docker for mainnet it works and was able to publish my certificates (merkle root) on the bitcoin blockchain.

Also you don’t need to download the whole bitcoin blockchain since I think the python-bitcoin lib would just broadcast the transaction without the whole blockchain.

This is the error I’m getting.

I will try using the container as well.

Thank you!

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Hi @reypadilla
Your quote from above,
_“You can use the docker image to use the testnet, it has all the module and configuration you need.”
Do you know where can I find the bitcoin configuration or how can I configure the bitoind in the Docker? I did the quick start and manage to do the regtest publish and the visualization in the viewer but im having a hard time with the Testnet implement.
I’ve also tried to Issue using my local bitcoin node, but im gettig the “Not enough satoshis error”
Thanks in advanced for all the help you can give me