Help with bitcoin.conf settings, please

Can someone post an example bitcoin.conf file for testnet? How do you connect to testnet through docker?

I dug this up from past runs on that mode. Note that it will likely take a long time (hours or roughly a day) depending on your connection speed to sync the testnet blockchain. There are ways to check progress, but I don’t remember. I’d recommend looking for bitcoin testnet specific documentation for more details.


Hi @kim

Where do I need to create or place the Bitcoin.conf in the docker image to run the cert-issuer on Testnet, im having a hard time achieving this. So far ive tried doing thins inside the docker, or outside de docker.
Inside the docker, it always runs the bitcoin regtest chain, and Ive managed to issue certificates there.
Outside the docker, Im getting the “Not enough Satoshis” error when trying to conect to my bitcoin client already installed.
Thanks in advance!