This category is for all lower-level technical discussions about Blockcerts. This category is primarily intended for developers to share comments and questions. Possible topics include:


This area is for general discussion about Blockcerts. Feel free to ask wide-ranging questions, contribute ideas, and engage community members on any related topic. Technical questions about implementation or standard specification have their own categories.


This category is to share and discuss reference implementations. Topics can range from Blockcerts implementation recommendations to sharing examples of your own work. Show the community what you have been doing with Blockcerts:


Blockcerts is an open standard that continues to improve. Please use this category to discuss specifications, suggest future directions, and announce new contributions. While this topic is technical, posts should remain focused on standards and not implementation questions.


The category is for sharing news and updates about Blockcerts. Also, please feel free to share & discuss interesting articles in the press about topics related to identity and verifiable claims. Be sure to add your commentary so we know why the article is being shared.

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