Cert Issuer (Testnet)

This might seem like a relatively easy question but I’m kind of confused.
I tried following the cert-issuer module but I’m unsure on which steps should i take for regtest and for testnet i seem to be mixing them up.

Could someone help me out on the steps i need to take for testnet.

Hi @HipsPrav,
Please take a look at this section of the README: https://github.com/blockchain-certificates/cert-issuer#issuing-options

Thank you Kim.
If you don’t mind me asking, using mainnet how do I issue the certificates on an actual website instead of a flask server.

Because currently it is only running on my localhost.

Thank you.

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Hi @kim and @HipsPrav! Ive starter working with blockcerts for some time, and so far i managed to:

  1. Have the cert viewer running and visualizing the examples
  2. Made my own template and roaster using cert tools
  3. Made my first bach of unsigned certificates
    My problem starts when i try to paste the certificates on the testnet, I run the cert issuer and get this error
    SDs-MacBook-Air:cert-issuer-master sd$ python cert-issuer -c conf.ini
    python: can’t open file ‘cert-issuer’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
    Can you help me or give me some advice?
    Thanks in advanced!

these are the two errors Im getting
If i run “cert-issuer -c conf.ini” without the python I get this

Any tips???

Where you able to solve it? I am having the same issue