Wallets support v3

Hi, 6eer here.

I have been using and exploring blockcerts v3 these past two week and i could issue a couple of certificates and verify them without problem.

Now im triying to use the wallets, i could add an issuer but im having troubles to add the v3 credentials, it gives me an invalid credential error. Are the wallets v3 compatible? and if not, are u planing to do so?


PS: almost forgot it, in the verification process it is not verificated that the holder is the real ownership of the cert (aka that if he/she owns the private key associated with the pubkey on the cert), is this verificated at some point?

thanks again,

Hi 6eer,

thanks for your feedback.

I think you should be able to hold the v3 certs in the wallet, but indeed I am not sure the verification code is up to date in the wallet apps, which may be why you are seeing this error. Just for my own knowledge, are you using DIDs with the certs?

The process to update the wallets at this moment is a bit convoluted and requires a third party to publish the app to the different stores. Again, for my own knowledge, which version are you running (Android or iOS)?

You are correct that at this point the wallet does not check identity/ownership of the holder. It’s something that’s on our roadmap to improve and I believe we should have something this year. As part of the next update I will try and push for a temporary fix, making sure the public key of the recipient is matching the wallet’s key, but further down the line I think using did:key might be a better approach.

I am happy to assist you in successfully setting up blockcerts v3. At this moment it has been developed with our use case in mind, but the more use cases are brought, the better we can define the standard and toolings, so please don’t hesitate if you find other friction points.


thanks to you for your reply.

No, currently im using the url method but i wanna switch to the did (probably this week ill make the try).

And Im using the iOS wallet.

Here is a copy of the issuer profile that currently i have hosted.

And this is the cert that im trying to import to the wallet

Do u see something wrong or missing?


update: in android wallet have the same issue (can import the issuer but not the cred.).

is this the error message you are seeing?

I have tested with another v3 cert and still getting an error, I’ll investigate

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yes! (and importing with url gives me an error too)

Ok so the wallet does not work with V3 at this moment. We’re going to fix this but like I said this goes through a third party (a dependency we’ll be working on removing), so I don’t have an ETA for the fix, but it has become a priority.

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I hope to see this out before the end of february

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