Fail to add credential V3 on Android Blockcert Wallet


I’m working on Blockcerts V3. I can verify the certificate on the website However, I failed to add the certificate to the Android Blockcerts Wallet. Is there any attribute I’m missing to add on the cert? Thank you.

    "@context": [
    "credentialSubject": {
        "id": "ecdsa-koblitz-pubkey:mkwntSiQmc14H65YxwckLenxY3DsEpvFbe"
    "display": {
        "content": "<section style=\"text-align: center;\">Hi..test</section>",
        "contentMediaType": "text/html"
    "id": "urn:uuid:bb57e013-4f58-4308-85e5-518d9c9a286f",
    "issuanceDate": "2023-08-15T13:32:07Z",
    "issuer": "",
    "metadata": "{\"classOf\":\"2021\"}",
    "nonce": "",
    "proof": {
        "created": "2023-08-15T13:33:45.207440",
        "proofPurpose": "assertionMethod",
        "proofValue": "z4zvrPUULnHmaio2d1j7EfriCxkaYUwqg1BsQAbESDNPBUj2QngbdvAyHxbKvxggPyA2KV6xBJbNyJZRscXMdfx4nqpo4roLBzuu6CW79QoPwGxNU43cgNSRyxQjdQHCoZFo5GvX3oJsGkbGQRipQ8qg7bzAwTKrkeLU8JUdTNhhN6usKQ3ytpspPaFE4GNWZ3whyC3viBswVTrRiVCVRW7aFP8D9e2G1z1KSmLc3USEvEjKrvimDYUqBBCsqEy4j9KWjq2WCz2rM3L49yfNBvhc1XALnjhGzLHUGkdxNxQhJQy8MUsLhHuWDbMjJvZsqeB24H9rnqfkKJJe3KgcocNEsCwPkh8xouUQxD6RPVagH3zfDgyiyxRL8Gyw3HrLXua4vNgP1teSjX1BhdU",
        "type": "MerkleProof2019",
        "verificationMethod": null
    "type": [


Yes at this moment the official release available on the stores does not support v3. The repos both have v3 support but there hasn’t been a proper window to have the release ready.

I think this will come later this year