Blockcerts V3 release

Hi community,

we are pleased to announce that V3 is fully released and available for consumption.

The main change is the alignment with the W3C Verifiable Credentials specification.

Regarding the standard itself metadata and display are entering the default standard. metadata comes in replacement of metadataJson and remains a stringified JSON that will allow consumers to register specific data which are too unique for issuances to be defined in the context.

display brings in a little bit of novelty, allowing issuers to now anchor (base64 encoded) images or pdfs, in addition to the more classic HTML.

It is also possible to now reference a DID for the issuer, paving the way to a programmatic reinforcement of the trust with the issuer. What we do there is retrieve from the DID document the public key of the issuer that was used to create the issuing address (either on Bitcoin or Ethereum), and derive that key at verification time to ensure we find the same issuing address.

This is just the beginning for V3, as in the future we want to explore ways to reinforce the trust in the issuer identity, but also improve the recipient experience when handling and sharing their certificates, as well as bring them into the trust triangle by allowing recipient’s DID into the verification process.

Stay tuned for more, and as always we welcome the community’s feedback, opinions and contributions!