Am I understanding what really blockcert is about?

Hi im 6eer, im trying to understand whats this projects really is about.

This is kind of a w3c Verified Credential (VC) but stored into a blockchain?

After read the VC spec, I found (maybe im wrong) that the way you are aiming to dealing with the revoked certificates its indeed more decentralized and reliable than the used in the current VC spec (its relies on issuers servers, if got it right). And with the use of IDDs I see a certification system that do not relies on issuers servers at all.

Im understanding it properly? if not, could u point it out whats im missing?

Im looking for a resilient/decentralized public verifiable certificate system to use in my final career project (Im studying computer science).

Thanks for your time,


haha, solved, amazing project!

Hi @6eer,

sorry I was away for holidays when you posted your message.
I think you pretty much understood the objective of the project, with some nuances:

  • v3 version of the standard will be an extension of Verifiable Credentials, as opposed to v2 which is based of Open Badges. At this moment v3 blockcerts are available as a beta version.
  • currently revoked certificates are handled by the issuer, on a self-hosted list. We are exploring options for a more decentralized approach, may it be with a smart contract or something similar, but at this point nothing has been set in stone.
  • IDDs do you mean DIDs? We are currently working on that. We find that the current verification process as it is (full client side) does not play too well due to some dependency issues. We are settling on an API somewhere, which would likely run the DIF universal resolver. Some details still need to be ironed out.

The main advantage of the solution is to anchor hashes of the certified documents on the blockchain, Bitcoin or Ethereum being natively supported. We chose those chain for their resilience and public aspect, which means that the documents would outlive the companies that issue them.

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