Blockcerts vs. XCert

Hello all!

First-time poster, long time follower. Due to my background, I am very interested in the general certification fraud problem and Blockcerts offers an incredibly powerful way of fighting it.

However, in the recent year or so, many other similar projects have sprung up. Most don’t come close to Blockcerts, but this one seems interesting. It was suggested to me by a close friend and can be found here: Not much info but I would still like to hear what you guys got to say :slight_smile:



In spite of their tag line, it doesn’t appear that XCert has their code published, much less open sourced? Do you have a link to that? Without code, it’s impossible to evaluate. Perhaps it is just early and they will open source everything. However, at this point, I’m not sure why they wouldn’t just expand on Blockcerts? Why start from scratch? This isn’t a competitive space, only cooperative.

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Hey @wbhtt - Thanks for the link. I had a quick look after you first posted about the project and it sounded very related. I just went back today and noticed that the website has been replaced by a one line description describing Xcert as an “Open-source protocol for decentralized certificates on the blockchain.” As Chris pointed out, it’s not open source if neither code nor documentation are publicly available anywhere. I’m curious to learn more and hope we can build more collaboration within the open community interested in this work.

So, I checked up on these guys again in a while. It seems that they went through a small pivot:

It seems also that code is on github and can be reviewed. I am no expert, maybe you guys can give your opinion?