Looking for information on Adoption of Blockcerts

Hi everyone! New to the community but I have been monitoring Blockcerts for a while now.

I’m trying to find out any information that might be available regarding the adoption of the blockcerts standard. Beyond MIT, what other organizations have used or are using the standard?

Also, given that the issuance of blockcerts is peer-to-peer and available on multiple blockchains, is there or will there be a way to find out the total number of certifications issued and/or the number of organization issuing with the standard?

Hi Jason,

This type of summary information may be impossible to gather from an open-source project, particularly one that doesn’t (currently) require attribution. So, consolidating data from all of the research projects and vendors deploying blockcerts would be tricky.

You can see some examples at www.learningmachine.com, our commercial implementation of the open standard. We have highlighted a few marquee customers (Issuing Institutions) across several coutries and across several markets.

While Blockcerts is certainly just at the beginning of an adoption curve, I always like to highlight the core values that it enacts, more than the raw numbers. Very few other initiatives truly give people ownership of their records in a standards-based format that is interoperable and vendor independent. We will likely see other vendor-dependent initiatives gain faster adoption in the short-term, remaining vigilant about the values, and holding others to the same high standard continues to be of the highest importance.

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Thanks Chris. You mention “all of the research projects and vendors”. Outside the learning machine website, do you know where might one find information on any of those research projects or vendors?


That information doesn’t exist at present. I know there has been conversation about creating a space on the Blockcerts.org website to allow vendors/researchers/etc … to add their names as supporters, which I think as a great idea. But even then, it may be hard to ask them all to release private data about quantities.

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Good to see you here @jrohlfing! As you know, there is a growing group of Denver technologists and educators pursuing Blockcerts within Higher Education. I agree that it’s been difficult to know the scope of adoption/use, so let’s keep sharing.

OK, this is certainly a very naive question, but I am trying to understand Blockcerts from the institutional end.
I lead the education technology function for a major Australian university, and I’m trying to understand what is required of my institution to publish credentials. All of the commentary and examples on the site seem to be aimed at the end user experience, rather than the institution.

Hi Cliff,

Welcome! If your university is interested in using the Blockcerts to issue credentials, you can find all of the repositories of source code here: https://github.com/blockchain-certificates. The “Cert-Issuer” will contain the instructions for creating/issuing credentials specifically.