Slow rate of adoption for Blockcerts

Dear members,

I was curious about the rate of adoption and why is it that at about 4 years of its existence the rate of adoption from schools and corp certifications so slow?
-Is it cost or fee involved in every transaction?
-is it lack of resources for schools?
-Is it the speed of processing?
-Is it a lack of knowledge?
-no optimal Credential verification blockchain?
-lack of trust from school, students, or employers?


@Chris_Jagers - Would be great if you can give me your thoughts on this? As an issuer how can I be sure of my fee incurred while issuing a certificate when the cost of Bitcoin or ethereum keeps fluctuating? I would like to have the predictability of cost.

Very interesting questions @adityasanth. @Chris_Jagers any feedback would be appreciated? Or from anyone that has experiences or lessons learned from implemented customers, that can share their feedback to @adityasanth questions. Much thanks.


There are several topics to parse here. First, the question is making an assumption that Blockcerts adoption has been slow. I would like to make 3 points.

  1. Adoption might seem slow since there is no central way to easily track/see adoption. However, some researchers have made an effort to asssemble this information. While not comprehensive, here is an example project by Daniel Paramo in 2019 showing how widely Blockcerts is being deployed.
  2. Many projects have downloaded and used Blockcerts as a starting point for building more custom solutions. These are impossible to track, but evidence of another way Blockcerts has helped to push the entire space of digital credentials forward.
  3. When the W3C released the specification for verifiable credendentials, that became the official standard and enabled a new generation of initiatives. So from a branding point of view, the W3C will likely remain front and center. Blockcerts is currently be aligned with this standard as powerful reference implementation.

More about this last point. The W3C VC specification is designed to support a wide range of efforts and therefore minimal requirements for compliance. Many initiatives go beyond those requirements with extra features. For instance, Blockcerts has a visual layer that is tamper evident. This is far more useful than simply securing data.

I hope this is helpful. Blockcerts continues to be powerful project that has helped educate and move this entire space forward.