Blockcerts, Open Badges, and Verifiable Claims Integration

Hi all,
In this forum and our Medium posts, we’ve mentioned our desire to integrate Blockcerts, Open Badges, and Verifiable Claims. I’m thrilled to inform the Blockcerts community that IMS (the standards body behind Open Badges) has expressed a strong interest in this effort, and these discussions are under way!

This is a very early draft that will undergo many revisions, but will give you the general idea of the structure. Blockcerts, Open Badges, and Verifiable Claims are deeply aligned, and I am thrilled to see these communities coming together!



hi @kim, will you support management of DID’s? Seems obvious. My question is more on the “when”, the roadmap for this support.

Hi @yeff,
We definitely plan to support DIDs. Schema changes on the issuer and recipient side are actually somewhat lightweight. For the most part, it should remove responsibilities from credential ecosystems in that ID management is the responsibility of DID tools and resolvers. See our pre-release paper:

There is work to update verifiers, and of course, wallets to understand and integrate with DIDs. A big limiter right now is lack of options for production-ready DID providers, and I would say that’s introducing the most uncertainly in committing to a specific delivery time.

However, if one wanted to experiment with it, you could use an experimental DID method like the BTCR method, which I am developing with Christopher Allen and Ryan Grant. A good starting point for that is the BTCR Playground:

Either way, we’d want Blockcerts to be DID provider-agnostic, allowing individuals to use the provider they want. Fortunately, this will be streamlined through the availability of universal resolver libraries.


Curious to know, its been close to a year now - any status update on BlockCerts and OpenBadges integration? Thanks

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