DIDs, v3 & Blockcerts app

Hello! I have a few questions related to DIDs:

  1. Is the key method for DID suitable for the issuer (as mentioned in Cert_issuer problem in bitcoin testnet (models.py) - #6 by lemoustachiste)? I mean the generated DID is not registered anywhere, so how will it be known where is the DID document with the service field (and with the link to the issuer profile)?

  2. Is it possible to use ion-test (Microsoft’s DID method with registration on the Bitcoin’s testnet)? The link to the DIF universal resolver that is provided on the cert-issuer page is broken, so I can’t check if it supports this method.

v3 & Blockcerts app:

  1. I also noticed that the app doesn’t support V3 and read the related topic here. The release date remains the same - the end of February (Wallets support v3 - #8 by lemoustachiste)?

Hi @Natalya,

  1. It is an interesting question and I think this is more a question for the did:key folks. Generally speaking though, I am still personally struggling on a philosophical and technical level about how DIDs actually solve that proof of ownership problem. I have thought of ways that could help with that, but I have yet to come across standard ways of handling that proofing (or I may be misunderstanding an important intellectual part of the solution).
    Now, if you think about it, did:key is still a valid way of expressing the public key that was used to generate the issuing address, the only missing part as you underline is how you bind that to the issuer. Currently we are solving that with the issuing profile, that the issuer needs to maintain, and which holds the current valid issuing addresses. I think we need to highlight where the issuing profile was resolved from, and one would expect for the time being that the issuer profile was hosted on the issuer’s website.

  2. When I started looking at DIDs I tried using did:ion:test. However I believe I quickly ran into some issues, mostly about broadcasting from my local machine to the the other nodes. There was also another problem that the response from ion did not make mention of the test variant when giving me the output DID. I finally found easier to just rely on mainnet and use the tools provided by the ion team without wanting to run the whole thing on my system, but it was not my goal at the time to run my own node either.

  3. Yes we are aware of the issue, like said we are relying on a third party to update and release the new version and we also have a blocking issue at the moment that we are trying to resolve. We want to move away from that external dependency during this year. So sorry about that but please know that we are actively working on resolving the problem.