Wallet Process Flow

Hi all,

We have implemented a user interface for educators to use block certs easily in their classroom. It allows you to design your block cert template add a list of emails from students that receive certificate based on that template and edit details for each student if so desired. Everything works fine so far at least on the test chain.

We would also like to utilize the android / IOS wallet app as our primary viewer app as well. Yet at the moment we are a bit puzzled by how the wallet is actually used. Is their a documentation how to use the wallet?

At the moment we are able to point the wallet user at our issuer url and import us as an issuer into their wallet. I think you call this process introduction. However we are not sure how to proceed from here. The wallet now asks for a certificate url. Which we do not have at this point in the process as we do not have the wallet owners public key we need to finalize and sign the assertion. Do we miss anything? Can you explain how the process is supposed to work.

Thanks in advance,