Status on BlockCerts usability


So I am a student interested in start up and came across this tool which I thought would be a perfect fit. It essentially involves students being able to build their shareable e-portfolio for college applications and internships.

However, blockchain isn’t something which I can say I’ve fully wrapped my head around- I am trying very hard though.

My question essentially is whether this tool is ready to be implemented into an app that can be used by schools and students? If not, in what way is help from the community most beneficial.

Thank you very much for your time!


yes this product is production ready, our commercial entity makes use of it.

Your use case seems aligned with the problems Blockcerts solves.

Blockchain in our case is merely used as a proof mechanism, so I would say if you don’t want to understand the depth of it, you are probably fine (but you’ll need to understand how to set up an address, how public keys work, how to fund your wallet, etc).

The pieces are offered independently and it will be up to you to organize them according to your needs, but basically you’ll need cert-issuer for issuances and blockcerts-verifier if you want a UI to verify the certificates, or cert-verifier-js if you want to run a node server for verification.