BlockChain / BlockCerts Adoption On A Commercial Level & User Cases By Institutions / Issuers


I am a completely new to and not at all technically versed in BlockChain/BlockCerts. Therefore as a engineering student and having spent the last 16 years designing and manufacturing goods and services for retailers, most ot hsi technology and its use cases is extremely limited to get the general joe public to use to be able to use it

For example if someone wanted to deploy the OS code for their own commercial use and develop something out of the box (like a shopify site) I expect it would be extremely difficult for a lamen. The next question is to try and sell this to institutions and services I am yet to see a User Interface that does the job without seeing matrix style code everywhere, that simple people who will be involved in the issuing of these certificates would understand. I think it’s hugely complicated and I have yet to see a simple intuitive UI

Is it just me or is this a problem? Id love to build something with this but have no idea where to start, Any help would be appreciated


Check out Learning Machine. We’re one vendor (of many) who have created a beautiful user interface for organizations to issue Blockcerts, and our adoption is spreading across many geographic regions. Further, the Blockcerts mobile app for recipients is really nice looking, multi-lingual, and meets top accessibility standards.