Cert-Tools Help

To create a batch of certificate… i need roster … it include name public key and identity…

does that mean … to create a certificate for student i need to have his public key ?

Yes. The blockcerts mobile wallet makes generating these keys easy for students.

can you tell me how ?

How to download the app and generate keys? Just try it.

It looks from your other posts that you are attempting to assemble a full ecosystem. That’s great. Please follow the detailed documentation for steps on how. If you run into an error along the way, perhaps the community can help trouble shoot.

i have the app on my phone but i didn’t see anything related to generate keys

i followed the detailed documentation on cert-viewer and cert-issuer … but cert-verifier and cert-tools there is no much detail :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, I downloaded the App but I don’t see any option to generate public keys for students. I used the Android App.

Has been this option removed?

No, it’s there but mostly something that happens in the background.

When adding a new issuer in the mobile app, the app will send a request with the recipient’s public key to the introductionUrl that is specified in the issuer profile.

Hello, you need to add an issuer to see the public key in our wallet. Greetings