That certificate didn't load correctly, so it can't be validated


I am using the blockcerts standard to issue certificates on the bitcoin testnet. I followed the instructions from the cert-issuer page and successfully issued some certificates to this testnet.

I am however, getting the following error “That certificate didn’t load correctly, so it can’t be validated” when I try to view these certificates from a browser, using the cert-web-components. The sample certificate “sample_cert-valid-2.0.json” from the demo folder under cert-web-components was validated without issues.

Could you please give me some suggestions on why I might be getting this specific error? Any help is appreciated.

Hi Ruth,

I’d be curious to know what happens when you submit the certificate to the verifier on Is there any difference in behavior?

Hi, apologies for the late reply, I recently just got around to trying the fix but your suggestion was actually very useful. At the time I posted the question, my certificates turned out to be a mess because of my issuer profile not being set up properly. I have since fixed that and I can now issue certificates that are valid when I run them through blockcerts’ verifier. I am however still getting the same error from the cert-web-component. I have installed the cert-viewer flask application and validated the same certificates successfully from there as well.

So the same blockchain certificates that are valid from blockcerts’ verifier and the cert-viewer app still give the error “That certificate didn’t load correctly, so it cant be validated” with the cert-web-component. The sample certificate still displays without problems though. I’ve tried to identify the differences between the sample certificate json and one of mine, it seems the sample certificate is a blockcerts version 1 certificate. I do not know if I am correct but since I use the version 2 python module “” to create the certificate templates, could it be possible that the cert-web-component expects some kind of structure/format that has since changed from the initial version 1 module?

Thank you again for the help, at the very least I can be sure the blockchain certificates are now valid.

Hmm… I wonder what’s going on there. The cert-web-component definitely should work with v2 Blockcerts, but if there’s a bug, I’d like to know more about it. You don’t happen to see a stack trace anywhere, by chance?