Cert-web-component not verifying signed cert (first project)

Hi, I’ve managed to get most parts of Blockcerts working in a local environment: I’ve imported a roster, created and issued my own certs and verified them using a regtest network.

I then started at the flask app, realised it was depreciated and am now using cert-web-component. Custom fields are getting pulled from the JSON but its declared invalidate by the verifier. Is this simply because I used bitcoin regtest rather than bitcoin testnet??

I’d venture so. There ends up being nothing against which to verify in any blockchain. Once you kick over to testnet mode, you should see some activity there.

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Hi @JoshAFairhead,
How did you pulled the custom fields from JSON? I have added 3 new fields in JSON and issued it. But I couldn’t make it viewable from cert-web-component.