Cert-Web-Component - Error when missing one parameter from cert-tools



I’m writing this topic, because it maybe be useful for someone that catch the same error that I did.

After issue my certificate, I achieve to view and to verify it in the blockcerts universal verifier website. Very well, the certificate was fine, and it has been passed in all tests.

So, I decided to setup the cert-web-component in my application to see the certificate. I was sure that It was without error, because it was validated in the Universal Verifier.

But, to my surprise, I got one error from Cert-Web-Component.

# Referenced certificate doesn’t appear to be valid

So, after some hours testing and matching with others Json certificates, I discovered the problem.

The field [–issuer_signature_lines ISSUER_SIGNATURE_LINES] was missing in cert-tools config.ini file (the certificate model).

Without this parameter the cert-web-component can’t render the certificate.

I think it should work because according with the documentation (https://github.com/blockchain-certificates/cert-tools) it’s a optional parameter, and as I said in the begin of the thread, it’s working, when uploaded to universal viewer, even missing the issuer_signature_lines field…



Hi @Fernando, if you have a github account, it may be good to file this as an issue on the cert-web-component repo. I’m not sure if it really is supposed to be required or not at this time.



I haven’t…

I’ll create one to register the issue there…



Hi @Fernando, you could achieve displaying certificates on your webpage using: https://github.com/blockchain-certificates/blockcerts-verifier

It is an update from the cert-web-component, as it handles natively both display and verification. The API allows you flexibility in the behavior and I think you could get where you want.