[SOLVED] Cert-web-component demo not showing certificate

This is the result shown when i download cert-web-component, is it suppose to show certificate there? I run the command
$ bower install blockchain-certificate --save

Then redirect the url to the location of the demo/index.html. But web-component does not show up. am i missing any of the step?

Basic blockchain-certificate demo - locally hosted file

Here’s how you can render a locally hosted Blockcert.

The element

Locally hosted valid certificate

This demonstrates verifying a locally-hosted Blockcert.

Locally hosted revoked certificate

This demonstrates the verification behavior if a Blockcert is revoked.

blockchain-certificate demo - externally hosted file

You can also render a certificate hosted by another issuer. If they’ve set up their CORS configuration to allow external hosting, it’ll just look like above. If not, then it will show a short message and a link to the hosted certificate.

I notice the problem, seems that I cannot just clone from the github repository because the node-module file is empty inside. Therefore, need to create separately.