Cert-web-component using uploaded certificate

I am creating a verification page using cert-web-component. From what I understand, when using the tags, I need to have the file on my server based on the line:

<blockchain-certificate href="./path/to/your/certificate.json">

The page that i am working on is something similar to Blockcerts.org where user will upload the JSON file and the website will read the JSON files stored on the user’s computer, using JS FileReader API, hence not requiring a server to store every files uploaded.

I have implemented the <credential-verifier> module from Blockcerts where it displays the verification process, but I would also like to have the certificate being rendered and displayed using the <blockchain-certificate> as well, if possible.

I believe I need to figure out how to configure the href part of the tag to read from the FileReader, but I still havent find out how.
Any advice or help on this is greatly appreciated.