The address used to issue this Blockcerts does not belong to the claimed issuer

Using Blockcerts Cert-Issuer I issued a certificate and I’m trying to verify the certificate using Blockerts-Verifier.
When I upload the JSON file, I’m facing an issue as shown below

The address used to issue this Blockcerts does not belong to the claimed issuer.

Please find the blockchain certificate here issued by cert-issuer

I created the certificate using ethereum_ropsten but in the blockchain certificate
i can see the below line

“id”: "

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I got a blockchain certificate example from online
when i try to verify that certificate it works fine as show in the below screenshot
Here is the link for the json file

Here is the link for the blockchain certificate issued by the cert-verifier
and the output for the above JSON as show below

I really don’t understand the issue is with the blockcert-verifier or cert-issuer

Can you guys help me out with this error?

You need to setup your own issuer profile not just the default blockcerts one. Make sure you include the blockchain address that was used to issue your credential otherwise you will continue to see this error.

cert-tools has create-issuer that you can use to generate it.


I created the issuer.json file but i’m not sure where to use in blockerts-verifier.
if possible can you please provide me the path where i need to update the credentials

you need to set the cert-tools configs:
issuer_id: the url where your issuer json will be hosted
issuer_public_key:wallet address that is in your cert-issuer with the “ecdsa-koblitz-pubkey:” prefix
output_file: location where the create-issuer command will store the generated issuer json for you to host
at the issuer_id url

You should be able to find the json file with your issuer profile after running create-issuer with the configs
These configs need to be present when creating certificate templates as well so you will need to re-issue any cert to see changes
Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply.

The issue got resolved.

@sreenumalae which browser are you using? I notice a display issue with status check on your testnet screenshot. Thanks

I’m using safari. @lemoustachiste