verification not loading JSON anchored in Ethereum

The certificate I built and anchored in Ethereum was working till yesterday. But it stopped working today

Valid certificate.

it works in the UI i built using react-blockcerts.

Hi @akmedia

Thanks for reporting the issue. We updated the new Blockcerts Verifier version (v1.19.0) today on the front page. I tested and can confirm to you that the previous version was correctly loading & verifying your certificate.
I opened a ticket on the BV repo and will try to address asap. You are also welcome to investigate & contribute further on the github ticket if you’d like.

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for the quick turnaround. I know why it is happening. it is doing a post event in /api/event/certificate at bus-events.js line 36. I do not have this API working. I think previously this was a non blocking error but now it is changed to blocking error.

@akmedia I figured out the issue. Please take a look at my comments here:

It is now corrected on v1.20.0 is handling fallback display in fullscreen mode of a certificate with no displayHTML.

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Thanks. It is working now.