Does the verification function work in IE?

Does’s verification function not work in IE, but is it declared non-compliant?

Hi @taira,

I am not entirely sure I understand your question. Are you asking if (and more specifically the blockcerts-verifier package) works on IE?

It should support IE11, but I haven’t checked in a while. If you see a bug, could you report it to as well as the browser version?


Hi @lemoustachiste

When I open “” in IE11, the input part of “Verifier” is not displayed as attached. Is this a bug? Or my environmental problem? Since I could not judge, I asked a question. Is it a bug?

Thank you.

Indeed it looks like one. Could you report it to
If you are able to, it’d be great to have a screenshot (or copy paste) of the error from the console.

Thank you