Help Needed with Blockcerts Universal Verifier for Japan Open Chain

Hi Blockcerts Community,

We’ve integrated Blockcerts with our blockchain, Japan Open Chain, and are encountering issues with the Blockcerts Universal Verifier. When we input our URL into the verifier, it fails to recognize or verify it.

Our main questions are:

  1. Are there specific configurations or settings required for the Universal Verifier to recognize certificates from a custom blockchain like ours?
  2. Could this issue be related to how our blockchain is interfacing with Blockcerts?
  3. Any tips or guidance for troubleshooting this problem would be immensely helpful.

We’re eager to resolve this to fully utilize Blockcerts. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Hi @joc_sean,

I think my answers from your previous post still hold the solution to the problem you are facing: Integration Inquiry: Japan Open Chain with Blockcerts - #3 by lemoustachiste

By specifying a custom ExplorerAPI, you should be able to query the blockchain transaction and format accordingly to what’s expected by the verification library.

It’s not necessary a simple task, as there is not one size fits all solution when it comes to blockchain explorers and blockchains in general.

This is an example showing you how you would inject to blockcerts-verifier and subsequent verification libraries: blockcerts-verifier/demo/explorer-api.html at master · blockchain-certificates/blockcerts-verifier · GitHub

If the issue is not with the Blockchain explorer, please open an issue on the github repo: Issues · blockchain-certificates/blockcerts-verifier · GitHub detailing the error, the steps to reproduce, providing replicating data and/or a repro so that I can take a proper look at what’s going on.