Integration Inquiry: Japan Open Chain with Blockcerts

I represent Japan Open Chain, a Ethereum-compatible layer 1 public blockchain.
I’m writing to know how we can integrate our blockchain with the Blockcerts standard.
We’re keen to understand the integration process. Thank you.

Hi @joc_sean,

I cannot tell you that the integration would become part of the Blockcerts standard and actually make into the open source code.

However if you are using an EVM chain (which I believe should be your case?) it would be fairly straightforward to read from that chain for verification with the explorerLookup option. I had done a proof of concept with Polygon (Matic) let me see if I can find it again, otherwise the package responsible for doing the chain reading is this one: GitHub - blockchain-certificates/explorer-lookup: low level tool to make blockchain explorer(s) calls - REST and RPC.

For the anchoring part, you can reuse cert-issuer and adapt the Ethereum part to your chain.

This is a rough POC to read and verify a Matic anchoring:

It’s been 3 years since I worked on that and it was again a proof of concept, so things might not work out of the box, however I’m quite confident the RPC reading didn’t change. The RPC function is actually coming from this one: