Moodle certificates w/ Blockcerts

Hey everyone,
Hunor here, a junior php dev with 1year php/Moodle experience. I’m looking to integrate blockcerts w/ Moodle certificates and looking for a bit of help.

  • I kind of understand the concept of Blockchain, I don’t know tho’ how can we put transactions on the chain if we don’t mine new coins/solutions to have the new transaction/new block(?) in the chain.
  • Is there a detailed how to start guide? I am reading the docs/github repo, but I kinda don’t get the whole picture yet.
  • Do I understand this correctly: This blockcert block on the bitcoin/ethereum chain would contain the raw data of a certificate, so the certificate it would be instantiated from that? or the blockchain object is just to validate the checked certificate.

sorry if there’re silly questions, that’s it for now,


Welcome to the community! In regard to your questions:

  • Anchoring records to a blockchain does require mining, but does not require you do the mining yourself. A small fee is paid to to miners to have the transaction registered.

  • A quick start guide is here:

  • The record itself is not going on chain. Rather, only a signed hash is going on chain. This is simply used for verification later. The file (JSON) and all its information live off chain.

I hope this helps. Getting Blockcerts integrated in various learning management systems is a great idea!


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Thanks Chris! I will have a look and keep working on it :slight_smile:

Hey, welcome to you!

Perhaps you may want to look at Andreas Wittke’s work. He’s working on a moodle plugin to make certificates for MOOCs. Here is a Keynote from him on youtube (german). MoodleMaharaMoot 2015 Lübeck, Keynote Andreas Wittke.

He presented his work at the Blockchain, Open education & Digital citizenship a couple of days ago in Lille. I guess his presentation has been recorded and will be available very soon.

Have a good day,

@tamasmagyarhunor @Chris_Jagers

Do you find any way to integrate moodle certificate with blockcerts?