Implementation issue

Hey Everyone ;
I am trying to create a university certificate verification system. I Saw block certs is one of the verification systems already available to use. so I wanted to learn more about it, but im having a difficult time understanding how to implement this from the GitHub repository.
Can anyone please help me it would be a lot of help :slight_smile:

thank you.

Hi @panthercodes, glad to see your interest in Blockcerts.

There are various aspects to this subject, and potentially a good starting point would be from there: This will point you to the various repositories of this project.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi, I share this link where I describe my development environment, the problem I had is to install the pip because I do not master python, but good to have if it is useful.

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Hi. I read carefully blockcerts docs and end up implementing my own certificate validation thing. Though at some point i might make it compatible with blockcerts. I can share results with you or even provide service for the university if you want.
One thing, its javascript based, not python

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Please do share it, it would really help to know how it works I’m still facing issues on how to activate :frowning:

well, we can contact directly. or @demosglok at telegram.
and to make things clear, i’m making alternative solution, which is much simpler. however i plan to add support of blockcerts eventually.
If you’re ok with alternative with just javascript and blockchain, i’ll add you to private github account i’m now working on. it’ll become public once i’m happy with it