Student/employer/institutional experience

Has anyone solicited/described the experience of the students, employers, and institutions who’ve been involved with a BlockCerts project, for example the MIT degrees in 2017?

So things like:

Students (recipients): What value the students feel they’ve gotten from the certificates. How have they used the certificates: on their LinkedIn/Twitter/FaceBook pages; emailed the certificates to employers; shown employers their certificates from their Wallet?

Employers: How useful employers found the certificates. Did employers use the verification step?

Institutions (issuers): How hard it was for the institutions to manage recipient registration, distribution of certificates, revocation, hosting of certificates, the issuance itself, etc.? Did institutions build in automated processes for registration/issuance/etc. possibly even tying into campus systems (e.g., PeopleSoft), or largely manage things manually?

I know there is some information out there about the issuers’ experience, like this article: and the postings in the blockcerts discussions, but I can’t find much about the student/employer experience.

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I think these are all very valid questions and extremely important research to be done now that this amazing technology has been implemented in education.

I strongly believe that the growth of blockchain in education will result from your second point, employers. They are, after after all, the main contributing factor for why universities exist. For universities to prove their high and rising costs are worth the large investment students make, they have to follow the lead of employers demands. :nerd_face: