Student/employer/institutional experience


Has anyone solicited/described the experience of the students, employers, and institutions who’ve been involved with a BlockCerts project, for example the MIT degrees in 2017?

So things like:

Students (recipients): What value the students feel they’ve gotten from the certificates. How have they used the certificates: on their LinkedIn/Twitter/FaceBook pages; emailed the certificates to employers; shown employers their certificates from their Wallet?

Employers: How useful employers found the certificates. Did employers use the verification step?

Institutions (issuers): How hard it was for the institutions to manage recipient registration, distribution of certificates, revocation, hosting of certificates, the issuance itself, etc.? Did institutions build in automated processes for registration/issuance/etc. possibly even tying into campus systems (e.g., PeopleSoft), or largely manage things manually?

I know there is some information out there about the issuers’ experience, like this article: and the postings in the blockcerts discussions, but I can’t find much about the student/employer experience.