Blog Post: "The Blockchain in Education"

Since there have been so many new initiatives and announcements in regard to securing educational records with a blockchain, I decided to map out the space and show the unique positioning and value of Blockcerts. Comments welcome!


Hello chris, community,

As you pointed out, there are others working on competing products, while this space should be a collaborative one.

Also I’ve noticed both and are taken by others (the latter by blockcerts token/ICO people). Is it possible to donate to for a trademark or other legal registration of the blockcerts name? So these people can get a seize and desist.

I understand this is sub-optimal, however their work can damage the overall attractiveness of the blockcerts open standard.

Yes, the behavior of those .coms is unfortunate and confusing. The real project has been well documented with prior art and would win any legal contest. I think your proposal is reasonable, even for an open-source standard. I’ll bring this to all the core supporters, including MIT, and find the best way forward. Thank you.

I appreciate this exploration, and the ethos of openness from which Blockcerts was conceived. Proprietary projects continue to muddy the open, decentralized waters from which Blockchain were born. Viva Satoshi! :link::link::link:

Hello, I am a researcher from Hong Kong. In Asia, this is still a very new topic in eduation and academic research field. I would like to know more about blockcerts. Would the concept appliable to article publishing?