Service Endpoint for BlockCerts in W3C DID Document

If I have a W3C DID Document and I want to have a serviceEndpoint that points to a BlockCerts credential such as MIT’s digital diploma, chatGPT suggests something along the lines of the following. I’m wondering if that’s actually the suggested way to do it:

  "@context": "<w3c did page>",
  "id": "did:example:123456789abcdefghi",
  "service": [
      "id": "did:example:123456789abcdefghi#blockcerts",
      "type": "CredentialService",
      "serviceEndpoint": {
        "url": "",
        "description": "MIT BlockCerts Verification Service",
        "serviceType": "Blockcerts"

That looks acceptable to me indeed.

The URL obviously can be of your own accord and do whatever you wish (ie: just display the certificate, launch verification automatically etc).

To be noted that if you present a document relating to this DID in blockcerts-verifier, it will not understand what the service endpoint is for and will not visit it. The only serviceEndpoint that’s understood at this moment in the verifier is the “IssuerProfile” url, where from a DID document you would point to an issuer profile as understood by blockcerts.