React.js component to display and verify a BlockCerts certificate


Hi guys, lead developer of Talao here.

We developed a React.js component to display and verify a BlockCerts certificate. It’s still work in progress and has a lot of room for improvement, but it’s working and available.

Looking forward from your inputs here or on GitHub.

All the best,

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Amazing Job… It looks wonderful. I already started using your solution :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:


0.3.0 released with a preview component for unsigned certificates


Just released 0.4.1 with only 1 view tab instead of 2 (displayHtml if available, standard instead), a debug button to see all the data from the JSON and some other small stuff


Long time, no see, but a new release (0.5.2) :

  • Both components, for signed and unsigned certificates, can optionally take props to customize the header image, text and background colors. They fallback to the standard look with the Blockcerts logo & colors
  • The component for signed certificates can now take the certificate as a JSON object prop instead of the URL of the JSON file of the certificate. The URL method is still there, too.

Demo here as usual :




Just to let you know, I’ve posted a message about Talao’s involvement & projects with Blockcerts here : Talao Reputation Vault with Blockcerts certificates

I would prefer that questions not related on this React compo go there and that we keep the focus on the compo here. A new release is coming soon.


Minor release 0.5.4: verify only when click on verify tab (Etherscan API was not keeping up with automatic verification of multiple certs, I still would have to dig into that will not because it’s better like this anyways)



Sorry to say that for now, we do not maintain the React component any more (see Talao Reputation Vault with Blockcerts certificates)

Any one can step up as a new maintainer, by making a valuable PR to