Talao Reputation Vault with Blockcerts certificates


The Talao team is excited to announce the alpha release of our open decentralised protocol to manage Talent Certified Reputation. The set of smart contracts of the Professional Reputation Vault Protocol has been deployed on the Ethereum Mainet. It is available for DApps evaluation on GitHub. Contributors and developers can contact our team for more information or to contribute.

The Reputation Vault Protocol is the first decentralized protocol, fully open source, built on blockchain that allows Talent to have full ownership of their professional data. The fuel of this protocol is the TALAO token. The Reputation Vault Protocol is based on Blockcerts certificates.

Agreements with Freelancing Marketplaces have already been signed to use the protocol with more than one hundred thousands Talents.

The Talao team



Hi guys, lead developer of Talao here. We developed a React.js component to display and verify a BlockCerts certificate. It’s still work in progress and has a lot of room for improvement, but it’s working and available.


Interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing that you are using blockcerts for part of this, and welcome to the community. I’m curious, is blockcerts being used for the “Certified Resume” portion?


Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, among other documents, Talents can add BlockCerts into their Vault. Our Fully Certified Resume standard (FCR) fetches some data from custom fields stored in those BlockCerts (or other types of certificates we could add).


By the way (correct me if it’s not the place for such news):

Talao partners with Korea’s Kmong to deploy the Talao protocol => https://medium.com/@talao.io/talao-partners-with-koreas-kmong-to-deploy-the-talao-protocol-to-250-000-freelancing-talent-in-c20f32f336e0