Problem with the implementation of verifying document with verifier-life.js

I cant implement verifier-life.js in my front end for simple verification of json files, I get the response “cant get Transaction Id”.
I will attach my code from front-end as well as the response from console log.
-Code: getTransactionId Getting transaction ID - Status: starting
-Code: getTransactionId Getting transaction ID - Status: failure
-The step getTransactionId fails with the error: Cannot verify this certificate without a transaction ID to compare against.
-Certificate verification: failure

It looks like it would be a problem with the document you are trying to verify rather than the code itself. Could you share said document?

I upload .json example certificates and I tested them in another portal which using also the blockcerts api. I will attach the drive link to the certificates and the MIT documents verification portal.

I am very confused.

You pointed me to some certificates which I believe are the Learning Machine’s examples. I have tested locally and I cannot replicate the issue.

What are you trying to achieve? With which document are you encountering the initial error?

Yes these documents are the Learning Machine’s examples. I am getting the error I mentioned before with all the example documents. I think the problem is with my code and I didn’t manage to solve it.
Basically I am trying to develop a simple implementation of blockcerts verification for documents. Is enough for me to work with the example documents I attached at my previous reply.
To be more clear I have a main html page with a simple form. In this form I have an input that takes documents and a “verify” button. When the user inserts a document and press “verify” the js function I mentioned earlier is called to verify the document through blockcerts, and show a simple message to the user if the document is verified or not(I don’t need any metadata to be shown).
I will appreciate any help for solving my problem.

could you point me to a repro?

Yes of course, this is the GitHub repository of the entire project:

But this is the file that we are interested in, is the main page. Here I must verify the user’s certificates through blockcerts. To be more specific the code for input file is at lines 166-168. And the code for verification through blockcerts is at lines 294-315.

Here is the program running in Azure you can connect using “root” for username and password. Is not working properly because i have the problem with the verification as i mentioned before.

ok thanks, I am a bit busy in the coming days so I won’t have time to go through a proper debug but I’ll do my best to support you

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 18.30.31

I notice you have commented await certificate.init(), you need this piece of code to execute before starting the verification process

Thank you very much, I appreciate it a lot!

I removed the command from the comment as you suggested and I am getting the following error in console log:

hm, I guess you are using the official build which is minified.
It seems a piece of data is missing, but if you are using the certs from the examples, that’s strange.
You could potentially try to clone the cert-verifier-js repo, disable terser for the iife build and build and link it to your project. I would normally try and do that myself but since I have not a lot of focus time on the matter ahead of me, this might get you unstuck faster.