Problem installing blockcerts cert-issuer

I am trying to install the blockcerts cert-issuer and it results on giving me this error that I don’t quite understand:
Error: Config setting for -rpcport only applied on regtest network when in [regtest] section.
Do any of you may know why this is happening?
Thank you in advance,

Hey @DianaMirila I am also facing exact similar issue , did you find the solution ?

I am also getting this issue on Mac OS X running on Apple Silicon. Any answers?

From the readme:

The bitcoind option is technically not required in regtest mode. regtest mode only works with a local bitcoin node. The quick start in docker brushed over this detail by installing a regtest-configured bitcoin node in the docker container.

I’m not personally familiar with regtest issuances, but otherwise I suggest you look up what the -rpcport option does and how it’s configured (or not) in your conf.ini

But you might want to configure your network to testnet for simplicity.