NOT a techy - but a regular human

I am so grateful to have instant access to my academic records. However I do have some questions.

I am (as will be clear to you in a moment) tech savvy.

  1. When I verify the JSON file… the credentials I’ve shared are not displayed. How will my future employer know what degree I actually have?

  2. Is the mobile app the ONLY way to see and share my credentials? I’ve saved my JSON files to my labtop… but there’s no way to actually SEE them without using the app. Is this right?

  3. What if I lose my phone or switch to a different mobile platform? Where is my log in information?

  4. Everything on the FAQ and guide section is very software… technology… blah blah. Where is the how-to for regular humans?


Hi Katie,

Welcome. Blockcerts is a set of open-source code libraries for developers to build applications. That being said, I’m happy to address your questions:

  1. If you have a properly formed Blockcert (JSON file), you can both view and verify it by dropping in the universal verifier. That is an open-source widget that can be embedded into any HR system. If employers have integrated this verifier, they can view/verify your Blockcert within their normal workflow. If they haven’t integrated the verifier, they can view/verify at

  2. The mobile app provides a convenient way for you to store and view your credentials. If your credential is hosted by an issuing institution, it is also viewable on that domain. If your credential is not hosted, it will require the Blockcerts viewer/verifier to render.

  3. While the mobile app doesn’t have a “login,” it does have a passphrase which is connected to your secret cryptographic information. So, you should back this up somewhere. In the case your lose your phone, the passphrase can be used on a new phone to “reconnect” cryptographically with your Blockcerts when you reimport them.

  4. Yup, the FAQ is for developers. The how-to for regular humans would normally be provided an Issuer (like a school).

I hope the helps!