[ethereum_ropsten] Verification Error: MissingSchema: Invalid URL 'None': No schema supplied

I am able to issue a certificate in Etherium ropsten network .

I can view the certificate using flask app cert-viewer . but when I tried to verify the certificate by clicking the verify button ,It doesn’t verify.

There is and error in cert-viewer

Unhandled exception: Invalid URL ‘None’: No schema supplied. Perhaps you meant http://None?

Same thing happened with cert-verifier as well

But strangely it is verified in blockcerts.org when i drag dropped the json file.

Can someone help me how can I get it verified using cert-viewer & cert-verifier.

What’s the problem with schema?

This is my unsigned certificate


& final issued certificate


configuration file


I have not worked with cert-verifier, ever, but somehow part of me thinks it has never received the proper support for versions newer than v1.
Is python an absolute requirement? cert-verifier-js can be run on a node server.
Here is an example of server code:

server.post('/verification', async (req, res) => {
  if (req.body.blockcerts) {
    const blockcertsData = req.body.blockcerts;
    let certificate = new certVerifierJs.Certificate(blockcertsData);
      .then((({status, message}) => {
        console.log('Status:', status);

        if (status === 'failure') {
          console.log(`The certificate is not valid. Error: ${message}`);

        return res.json({
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