Issue connecting to Ropsten network

Hello, I am going through the quick start tutorial and trying to issue a certificate via the Ropsten Ethereum network. I’m currently working on my config file and set the chain as “ethereum_ropsten”, but terminal throws this error when I run it:

Error: Name ‘ethereum_ropsten’ not defined

Here’s my config file:



Very odd, as a reference, here’s a config I just used on my docker image I just built, looks very similar to yours, but had no problem.


One note is make sure you run “python3 experimental --blockchain=ethereum” beforehand.

Short of any crazy text encoding problems, maybe not having the latest code, etc. I’m not sure what could be the issue could be here. :frowning:

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Thanks for the help! I’ve traced my error back to running etc, and have found that it keeps throwing this error:

Basically it can’t find the “openssl/aes.h” file and thus cannot finish connection to ethereum. I have done every step in the quick start up until this point, any help is appreciated!


Oh interesting, are you on Mac btw?

Check this out:

Yes, I use mac! I’ll check this out right now :slight_smile: