Cert-viewer with Ethereum

Hi guys,

Has anyone had any issues with cert-viewer when using Ethereum? I am testing using Ethereum Ropsten.

I get an error when I try to view the certificates using cert-viewer. I have reinstalled the latest git of cert-viewer, but when I run python run.py -c conf_local.ini,
I get the below error. Any idea why this is occurring?

2018-01-30 10:31:59,713 - root - ERROR - Unhandled Exception: unsupported chain (Chain.ethereum_ropsten) requested with blockcypher collector. Currently only testnet and mainnet are supported

The bitcoin testnet worked fine, I am only getting this error when running Ethereum.



Hi @jake666, the cert-viewer doesn’t know about Ethereum Blockcerts yet. In general, we’re trying to deprecate the cert-viewer app (so it doesn’t receive much attention, as you probably noticed).

We prefer people to use the Blockcerts web component, since this makes it easier to embed Blockcerts-aware display and verification widgets into an existing app. However, this one might be weak on documentation. Please give it a try and ask here if you have any questions.


Thanks Kim. OK, I’ll give the web component a shot .

hi. i am using etherum ropster certificate validate. http://dev.housa.io:8080/cert-web-component/demo/verifier-demo.html

It doesn’t seem to working. can anybody help me understand the issue?