Verify ethereum certificate (ropsten)



I have a problem verifying a certificate generated with cert-issuer.

I’m trying to verify it with its online verifier, but it gives me an error.

In the conf.ini file of the cert-tools project I have this:

And in the conf.ini file of the cert-issuer project:

Thank you



I believe this is a case sensitivity issue, where your issuing_address has some capital letters but from the looks of it, I think most blockchain explorers return back all lowercase addresses. Try lowercasing that issuing_address and see if that helps. Meanwhile, I’ll file a ticket to handle case sensitivity for Ethereum since it doesn’t matter for it.

Edit: Filed a ticket for it here:


@aronning thank you very much, the problem was resolved.


You’re welcome! Just as a FYI, this issue in general has been fixed, the sensitivity of addresses will not cause the cert-verifier-js to fail.


Thank you, its works for me