[EDIT] Ethereum Cert-verifier, cert-issuer, cert-tools taking too long to execute

Hello there.
I’ve installed everything just fine and i’ve been issuing and verifying certificates for quite some time now.
The problem is that it suddenly decide to become the slowest process ever.

While it normally needed like 5 seconds to verify a certificate, the last couple of days it needs about 8 minutes for the verification. The same goes for issuing a certificate.

I’m running this on Ubuntu 18.04.1 on virtualbox. Can anyone help with this?

EDIT : Apparently it probably has something to do with ethereum ropsten. Also when i visit https://ropsten.etherscan.io/ there is message saying " Notice:Data reindexing in progress, block data might not be up to date" and the last transaction seems to be over 2 days ago.

And i get a new error now when trying to verify a certificate although i made no changes. Could Ropsten be the cause of this also? Thank you in advance.

EDIT 2: Okay, so the verify command now works again although i did not change anything but it is still taking way too long to finish (same goes for cert-issuer,cert-tools), so i’m back at square one. Any help?

It’s possible that the etherscan api is to be blamed for it. I am not sure how many connectors we have set up for ropsten but part of the verification process would check the blockchain to see if that transaction exists. I am not sure what kind of logic is in place for this check, maybe there is a bug there that is causing it to be in a loop of continuously checking? or maybe it was getting something back from their api that it didn’t like? All possibilities.

I see that etherscan doesn’t seem to have that warning anymore, and the blocks look up to date. Could you try again?

Yes, i mentioned in my 2nd edit that the verify command is back to normal (fixed when etherscan removed the warning). But the commands (issuing,signing and verifying certificates) still take way too much time to execute. What could be the problem?

Hi yoman and aronning. I’ve been having a similar problem on a GCloud Debian VM (1 vCPU, 3.75 GB memory) with the issuing process. Although I can’t imagine why, a delay of up to 5 minutes occurs when I first create a template. After that, the rest of the process finishes relatively quickly.
Do you think it might be an unexpected side effect of one of the Python libraries on Linux?

I’m not sure, it’s possible. I don’t have a linux machine at the moment, and haven’t ran into long processing times on my mac.

I’ve fixed this issue by increasing the RNG entropy using rng-tools5 on my VM!