iOS wallet not importing v2 ethereum-ropsten certs

We’ve issued v2 certs on ethereum-ropsten that import fine into multiple Android wallets and verify on the universal verifier at but they won’t import into the iOS wallet (we’ve tried multiple iPhones). I’ve included a screenshot of the “Invalid Credential” error below. Anyone have any ideas?

One of the certs can be found at

Here’s a screenshot of the error we’re getting.

(Also posted an issue in the wallet-iOS github repo. We’re hoping to demo blockcerts during a presentation tomorrow, so we’re scrambling…)

Sorry to inform you of this before your demo, but we are working on adding ethereum to the wallet apps, but it is currently not in there yet.

My suggestion would be to demo on bitcoin-testnet if you can.

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@aronning the certs import into the android app without issue though. We don’t mind not being able to run the verify step in the app. Does the iphone app do more verification than the android app on cert import?

Ohh, I see. I had no idea they were importable into android at all. There might be some differences in how they process/validate the json payload, but I couldn’t tell you if that was it or not, unfortunately.

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Thanks. Looks like we’ll be issuing on BTC-testnet for our presentation :sweat_smile:.

Actually, now we’ve issued on bitcoin testnet, it validates in the web validator but gets the same invalid certificate error in the iOS wallet. But the android wallet imports a certificate from the same batch without issue.

looks like the iOS wallet doesn’t like the revocationList to be set to null