Cert verifier stuck at format validation

I have issued a certificate on Bitcoin Testnet. I am trying to verify the cert using the verifier on https://www.blockcerts.org/ however, the verifier does not proceed from “Format validation”


Is it something wrong with my certificate?


Same here (on Ethereum Ropsten though), certificate generated with cert-tools : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/guix77/blockcerts-certificates/master/certificates/ropsten/talao/guillaumeduveau-2.json

I console.log(status) of cert-verifier-js’s CertificateVerifier and I have the step “CertificateVerifier” then “failure”, I will investigate


Debugging in verifier.js showed that I had some unmapped fields, it was the displayHtml that was “missing”, it’s fixed here https://github.com/blockchain-certificates/cert-tools/pull/28 (just a cleanup of Sandoche’s work in https://github.com/blockchain-certificates/cert-tools/pull/27)

@KuAmirul you might have the same problem, or not. You could check if you have unmapped fields by modifying certifier.js if you use a local one:

L129 getUnmappedFields(), add a console.log(matches[i]) in the for loop


I’ll give it a try. thanks!

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