Docs for cert and issuerId properties


Some of the blockcert samples, and their associated issuerId URL, have object properties for which I can’t find any docs. I’m hoping someone could quickly explain them, or point me at docs (I’m happy to contribute towards docs if that helps).

For the certs, these two properties (as taken from:

"nonce": "814ce340-12f3-414b-af91-a0f9489e5dbc",
"universalIdentifier": "ab569127-34bb-5784-bced-00b7e0e82ac9",

and for the issuerId (as taken from

"introductionAuthenticationMethod": "none",
"introductionSuccessURL": "",
"introductionErrorURL": "",
"analyticsURL": "",
"issuingEstimateAuth": "unsigned",
"issuingEstimateUrl": ""

Thank you,