Introduction API

I’m trying to understand what I need to setup for the ‘issuer id’ and ‘introduction’ endpoints so they will work with the Blockcerts wallet. Two questions:

  1. What are the inputs and outputs for the introduction POST?

a) INPUT: For the input, I found this, which is helpful:

and which says that the following is passed on the POST to the ‘introduction’ endpoint:


Is that correct? Is there anything else?

b) OUTPUT: What are the expected return values for the POST?

Is there a definition anywhere of what could/should be passed/returned?

  1. Does the Blockcerts Wallet expect the ‘issuer id’ URI or the ‘introduction’ URI in this screen:

I think it has to be the ‘issuer id’ so the Wallet can get the issuer information, like the logo, from the JSON, as well as get the introductionURL, to which the wallet can then POST the bitcoin address?

Thank you.

You are correct, the POST in that format is all that is needed and no return value is expected (besides the http response codes of course)

And yes, on that screen, it should be the issuer URL. It’ll read introduction URL, along with photo, name, etc. from the issuer URL.