Cert-tools V3 credential

When i try instantiate-certificate-batch -c conf.ini with the default config returns
cert_schema.errors.BlockcertValidationError: ‘nonce’ is a required property
Please help.

Hi @mary.tellez

cert-tools is not the best well maintained package in the ecosystem, and we welcome community updates to ensure the experience is smooth.

In any case, the error is pretty self explanatory, you need to add a nonce property.

hi, but nonce property does not exist :frowning:

What do you mean it does not exist?

It is defined as part of the model of Blockcerts v3: https://www.blockcerts.org/schema/3.1/context.json

In the config file properties, but i find the way with additional_global_fields. Thank you!!!

@mary.tellez Can you share the solution please?