Analytics implementation ( analyticsURL )

Hi , after checking some certificates and the issuer json , I found some additional fields about analytics and getting more insight from the blockcerts mobile app
Some of the blockcert samples, and their associated issuerId URL, have object properties for which I can’t find any docs. I’m hoping someone could explain them,

This block of code is from Here , and as you see the android app can send infos based on events like viewing and sharing.

    public Observable<Void> certificateViewed(String certUuid) {
        return sendAnalyticsAction(certUuid, IssuerAnalytic.Action.VIEWED);
    public Observable<Void> certificateVerified(String certUuid) {
        return sendAnalyticsAction(certUuid, IssuerAnalytic.Action.VERIFIED);
    public Observable<Void> certificateShared(String certUuid) {
        return sendAnalyticsAction(certUuid, IssuerAnalytic.Action.SHARED);

any explanation on how to use those fields or how to get those analytics ?

"introductionAuthenticationMethod": "none",
"introductionSuccessURL": "",
"introductionErrorURL": "",
"analyticsURL": "",
"issuingEstimateAuth": "unsigned",
"issuingEstimateUrl": ""

I tried to host my own end point to see what http method i will get in each key(url) above but nothing was sent , i add the issuer ,the certificate , … and nothing sent to my endpoints .

Note : the learningmachine product also use Analytics dashboard in their features :upside_down_face:.

same forgotten question here with no answer :grimacing:.

Thanks in advance :grinning: .


Depending on where you are executing the verification, you will need to set up your own listeners.
Blockcerts-verifier emit events for the different actions you are mentioning.

I think if you refer to this example file, you will understand how to connect to your own reporting dashboard:

Obviously you’ll need to write your own functions and calls to API for each event.

Hi @lemoustachiste

As you said , Depending on where we are executing the verification, first we are working on getting analytics from the mobile app and we didn’t find any clue how to trigger correctly those events , after inspecting multiple blockcert certificates on the web we notice some fields like ‘analyticsURL’ that obviously is for analytics , we didn’t manage to make it work (we don’t receive any type http request in our testing url )

Thanks for the hint for web verification , and thanks for maintaining the blockcerts-verifier code base , you’re doing great job we have used the blockcerts-verifier and everything is clear and easy to use .

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I am not sure which blockcerts definitions you have seen with the analyticsURL. I don’t think we use that property at Learning Machine, and there is no such native call from either cert-verifier-js nor blockcerts-verifier.

Could these be related to forks specific to another set of projects? I am not opposed to seeing such thing happening in blockcerts verifier if it makes life simpler, potentially in this function:

And thank you for your good word, it’s always nice to hear (positive) feedback on one’s work :slight_smile: