Any public test portal? or screenshots?

Hello all,
Surya from India. I am a UX designer working on a blockchain certificate issue software based on Blockcerts.

I have been going through this forum for many flow related questions like what happens at the issuer end and recipient end etc. I understand things mostly.

But I wanted to use the issuer portal myself and understand as an end-user. I tried installing cert-issuer and web-component code with my limited engineering knowledge. No luck :frowning:

Is there any public test issuing portal which I can play around with and understand the flow first hand?

Or is there any possibility I can get the screenshots of issuer’s portal? I went through the Medium posts & LM’s website and got some, but they are not in detail (like how issuer invite students or how csv files are uploaded to the system? etc)

Can someone help with this please?

Thanks in advance and it’s very exciting to work in this space.

Hi Surya,

Thanks for your interest in this project. To answer your question directly, there is no user interface for Issuers within the Blockcerts code base. Only code libraries. This is meant to provide full freedom for how products may get implemented. LM has created a user interface to make things easy for the user, but that certainly isn’t how it has to look.